Motivation for those January Blues

It's that time of the year again!

Blue Monday has come and gone, and research shows that by the third week of January, more than 50% of New Years Resolutions will have faded away. It's understandable- it's cold and drearier out than usual, that initial boost of motivation for your New Year goals have faded and your willpower is struggling. 

With this cold not helping things, I'm currently on the struggle bus right there with ya.

I was going to write a post on tactics on beating those unmotivated feelings, but then I realized I've already written a lot of posts about getting your mojo back-- so today, I've rounded up some of my favorite motivational blog posts to help you get back into your groove! I'm dividing things up into different categories, so you can find what you're most in need of now or some posts to bookmark for later. Without further ado, here we go!

Motivation for January Blues | Living Minnaly

The Espresso Shots: The Quick Jolts of Inspiration

4 Reasons to Start Now: You'll be motivated to get moving off your butt w/these reminders.
4 Ways to Practice Gratitude Right Now: This one will get you feeling re-centered right away.
4 Everyday Keys to Happiness: Little actions for a big impact you can take today.
5 Ways to Optimize Your Gym Time: Time is precious, make it count during that sweat sesh.

The Cortados: The Bite-Sized Habit Changes for Big Effect

5 Healthy Hacks for a Better Morning Routine: Because how you start your day off really matters.
7 Ways to Kickstart a Healthier Lifestyle This Year: Reframe your priorities w/these essentials.
8 Ways to Feel Connected + Productive: Feel like you're sleepwalking through life? Connect.
Establish Your Daily Non-Negotiables: Here are my daily keys to my day-to-day success.

The Pourovers: The Stuff to Sip on + Savor

Learning how to Manage Stress, Not Eliminate It: You can't just go *poof* and eliminate stress. So let's learn how to make it your friend.
5 Priorities for Optimal Health: Everyone wants to be kicking ass and feeling good. Are you prioritizing these 5 things and in the right order?
Lifestyle Changes: Little Steps = Big Outcomes: No, you don't have to overhaul your life. That might actually do you less good! Let's learn how to win in the long run.
How Your Daily Choices = Life Choices: The little stuff adds up. What do yours say about you?
Owning Your Reality: You won't get Misty Copeland's body by snoozing. But do you even really want to or just feel like you should?
Nutrition + Food Non-Negotiables: Don't take your healthy living life to mean no more food enjoyment. Here's how to strike that balance.
Exhaustion: Not a Status Symbol or Proxy for Effort: No, it's not a badge of honor. So stop waving it around and let's do something about it.

Do you guys have any favorite motivational reads or tricks for getting out of the winter slump?