Fear: The True Meaning of Bravery

Fear: The True Meaning of Bravery | Living Minnaly


I have more fun usual type of lifestyle, fitness, and travel posts coming, but this blog is about growth, higher understanding, and personal development too. It's about life, and living in a way that encourages spreading authenticity, kindness, and heart.

So, today, I bring you this, to encourage you and pick you up.

I had been in the middle of writing this post for awhile now, and now seems to be the most fitting time. Over several polls, I saw fear as the #1 emotional state and reaction after the election. I didn't need a poll to tell me that though, I saw it in my loved ones and friends and myself, as we feared for what our future together and as individuals hold.

But this human emotion extends to just about everything in life.

Often in society, bravery is equated to lack of fear. But I think it's just the opposite actually.

I believe that the true meaning of bravery is feeling the fear deeply, and choosing to embrace and face the fear. 

Those who are knocked down then learn to stand up are so much stronger and braver than those who have never experienced being knocked down in the first place. So let yourself fall, I promise, it will be okay.

Those who have had their heart broken, yet choose to trust and love again.
Those who have felt the depth of pain, fear, and uncertainty, yet forge forward and higher anyway.
Those who have been treated unkindly, yet love harder and rise up to be kinder anyway.
Those who have faced unimaginable adversity, yet dig deeper and learn from it anyway.
Those who have failed time and time again, yet fight for what they believe in anyway. 
Those who have deep insecurities, yet they share them anyway.

THAT'S Bravery. That's Daring. That's Tenacity. That's Heart. 

How daring are you? How much heart will you offer yourself and the world?

Will you face the looming mountain that gives you vertigo just looking at it? 
Will you cry but still extend your hand? 
Will you choose to hug someone despite having such differences?

Ignorance can indeed be bliss. Anger can be easier. Turn a blind eye to things that make us feel uncomfortable, shy away from problems we don't feel ready to face, and try to blame everyone and everything but ourselves for our problems. Ignoring things is easy. It's also stunting. 

Do you dare to see what's behind that closed door of yourself? Ask those difficult questions where the answers may not be so pretty and makes you squirm?

We get a life that is as deep and meaningful as we dare to understand. We understand things as deeply as we are brave enough to explore. 

Never stop daring my friends. It's okay to be scared. But you are braver and stronger than you think ❤️