GIVEAWAY: To Keep You Healthy on Flights

Happy Thursday, everyone!! 

Today, I'm SO excited to have teamed up with Sabon and Honest to do a little giveaway for you. 

If you guys saw my post yesterday on my 7 tips to stay healthy on flights, you know how I need to sanitizer on hand and a good hand creme to keep my skin from drying out in a stuffy plane. I've been making a big effort to use all natural products, and thankfully these two that I've been using for years is already all-natural, paraben-free, and free of harmful chemicals and ingredients in a lot of beauty products these days. Plus, they smell absolutely divine.

While Sabon and Honest were both kind enough to give these samples for the giveaway, I have already been carrying these two products around in my carry-on bag whenever I fly, for the past several years now-- so I truly love these guys, and want to share them with you!

All you guys have to do is  LIKE the photo on my Instagram for the giveaway (same picture as above), follow me @livingminnaly, @sabonnyc, and @honest, then comment on the post, tagging two friends. 

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