Favorite Friday Finds 4.0


Happy Friday everyone! It's now been eight weeks since I joined the blogging world and man, it has been quite the ride so far.

Growing up, I moved around a lot so it was always tough keeping in touch with friends long-distance. Those were the days before Facebook and Instagram- so I've always been a big proponent of social media and how amazing they are at helping people stay connected or make new connections. 

Within these past few short weeks of constantly writing for the blogosphere and rabidly Instagramming my life and what's on my fork, I've made some pretty awesome new friends. Through a best friend of mine from school, I connected with the fantastic human/blogger, Miss Annie Reeves.

Writing from Charleston, Annie blogs about all those little things to be celebrated in life- everything from style to food. Her Instagram is filled with silly gorgeous and cheery shots of her Southern life- it's my nice visual escape from city life! She has been such a sweetheart with cheering on a blogging noob like me, and I so appreciate her support and inspiration. 

Annie is coming to NYC this weekend, and I'm so excited to finally meet her! I'll also finally be meeting another awesome Insta-friend, McKenzie Strawn. I have to credit my girl Mary Catherine for connecting all of us- we're all going to brunch and I'm sure we will frighten everyone around us with the inevitably obscene amount of photo-taking and loud talk about all the happenings on the interwebz... 

On that note- my fourth Favorite Friday Finds is here! Try saying that five times fast. Here are the nine things this week that I was inspired by, learned from, and laughed and smiled at this week.



1. Kicking off on a social media note, I'm impressed by this dude's project, 1000+ Coffees. You know how we all have hundreds or thousands of Facebook "friends", the majority of whom you don't actually speak to very often or ever see in person? Well, Matt Kulesza has vowed to have coffee with all of his 1000+ Facebook friends over the span of the next three years. I think that's a pretty awesome initiative, and it will probably be cool reconnecting with people from his past. 


2. Vending machine food is pretty intrinsically linked to crappy, processed food that have frighteningly long shelf lives. When I think of vending machines, I remember the sickening chips and trail mix that accompanied my college late night study sessions. Thank goodness for the future generation that is beginning to change, and I am ALL aboard this movement. New York has installed 10 machines stocked with locally sourced, healthier food so far, and hopefully that number increases very soon.

3. I have been an avid reader ever since I was a kid. Instead of getting in trouble for staying up late to watch TV or something else, I would get in trouble for reading under the covers with a flashlight. My reading of leisure books has significantly dwindled in recent years, and I'm determined to reverse that.

LaurenConrad.com and theSkimm teamed up and created this Fall reading list. A lot of these books look great and I am deciding which to tackle first! Any suggestions?

4. I love coffee. I live for and because of coffee. I would hook an IV of coffee up to my arm if I could. What I don't love is feeling like I'm throwing away pounds of coffee grounds after brewing them and feeling wasteful. I also am a baby with delicate hands to temperature so I always need coffee sleeves to hold my to-go cup and I really hate how environmentally wasteful that is.

This brilliant new invention lets you make coffee cup sleeves out of the used coffee grinds! I need to get my hands on this contraption, ASAP.

5. On that environmental note, everyone is really cranky about the "weird" and unpredictably wonky weather the past two years. Hurricanes in NYC, winters that lasted until May of last year, people throwing boiling water in the insane arctic freeze in the Midwest last year, etc. But hello people, WE are the problem and we need to do our best to try to support the Earth if we want Mother Nature to treat our kids and grandkids well.  

This Think Progress article made me a little startled. So if you don't go eco-friendly for good faith, do it for the peanut butter, coffee, beer, football, surfing and pandas (save the pandas!!) of the world.



6. Okay so this isn't really new information to me, but I feel the need to share it so the madness can stop. I love yoga and think pilates and barre also have wonderful purposes in the fitness world. People are loving these classes and it gets people up, moving, and feeling awesome, so I adore that. Now here comes the but. BUT! I absolutely despise the horribly misleading marketing that goes into advertising some of these practices.

"Tone and lengthen your muscles- create long and lean muscles." It all is primarily geared towards females because it's exactly what women want to hear. No duh. $$$$$$

I repeat, you cannot physically elongate the length of a muscle. It's just not possible.

I went over this briefly in my stretching post, but had to share this awesome article from the reknowned Bret Contreras, THE glute guy, who breaks all the science down for you

7. When I skated, my non-skating friends always asked me how I didn't get dizzy from all the spinning. After all, skaters can spin upwards of a 120 revolutions per minute- that's fast! I always thought it was just a practice thing, but it turns out there is a medical explanation for the adaptation- pretty nerdy cool stuff. I am proof though that you can lose that adaptation, as spinning around fast now makes me want to throw up. 

Laughed and Smiled


8. Okay, I honestly die for this. I grew up reading nearly every single Roald Dahl book under the sun- they were awesome children's books and so imaginative. So imagine my delight at stumbling upon this nugget here. Dahl's widow, Felicity, compiled and recipe-tested some of the creations from his books and published them. So you can now make those mudburgers from James and the Giant Peach!  

Heart exploding now, bye.

Heart exploding now, bye.

9. You didn't think I'd make it through one of these posts without featuring some type of puppy or kitten link, right? Here are 15 extremely important life lessons we can all learn from dogs- and they'll give you the warm fuzzies too. 

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