Wanderlust 108 - Destination Happiness

When I think of my health journey with my autoimmune disease, I think of how grateful I am to be in a place where I have so many tools at my disposal to help me manage my symptoms. It hasn't been an easy journey to get here, but having the knowledge of what I need to support my body and keep it performing at its best has been key.

I've been taking a number of supplements to help me manage my hormonal health, but…

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Happy 10 years, NYC

I tried finding the exact date of when a bright-eyed 17 year old me moved into my freshman year dorm (a building they affectionately called, "the cinderblock prison" at NYU, back in August of 2008), but I could not find it for the life of me. But I oddly feel like that is rather representative of how life is in NYC-- it flies by all too quickly most of the time. 

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Blueberry Lavender Tonic

I have always loved flavored drinks ever since I was a kid-- there wasn't a strawberry lemonade or a fruity soda I didn't like. But as I grew up and began to love cooking and baking, I came to understand the incredible fresh flavors of REAL foods. The amazing flavor combinations you can create when playing with fresh produce and herbs really blows my mind-- and this is exactly why I am obsessed with the farmer's market, as you guys know through my farmer's market photos of cherishing all that gorgeous produce! I am so excited to share this delicious and healthy Blueberry Lavender tonic recipe that is perfect for a summery gathering.

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5 Ways to Gain Genuine Self-Confidence

The concept of confidence was demonstrated and told to me in so many different ways while growing up. Particularly in my formative years, while struggling to transition out of an athletic career that was all I had known my whole life, knowing who I was outside of the bravado of competitive skating was a completely disruptive experience. All I desperately wanted was to feel confident and comfortable in my own skin, so I started chasing after what I had been told what confidence truly meant.

After reflecting on what helps root my self-confidence now, I narrowed it down to these 5 specific habits that I've established over the years to help me gain genuine self-confidence-- and I hope these help you!

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Spring Vegan Thai Curry Pasta with Mushrooms + Chives (GF)

Fun fact: I was Banza's OG blogger + recipe developer a few years back when they were still a small, new company (my butternut carbonara is the first recipe on their site and a ton more are on their blog!). It's been really exciting to watch them expand to be a household name now, and I love their fun social media initiatives they do to get people cooking creatively with their chickpea pasta. This month, they're all about #BanzaPlusPlants, and running a fun month-long challenge to cook plant-based dishes. I had been craving a vegan Thai curry dish, so this was the perfect opportunity to try combining some new flavors!

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Choco Chaga Tahini Cookies (GF, DF) Recipe and all about Chaga Mushrooms

I haven't baked spontaneously in what essentially feels like eons, but all I wanted the other night was something chewy and chocolatey without being overly sweet. I was just rummaging for whatever I had offhand and these just came together so quickly.

Knocked these Choco Chaga Tahini Cookies right outta the park the first go around: filled with raw cacao, chaga mushroom powder, tahini, collagen, oat flour, and date syrup, this cookie is actually kind of packed with good for you, immunity boosting nutrients! And it is SO GOOD warm with a glass of oat milk. Now, let's talk about CHAGA for a hot sec.

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How to Start Reducing Waste + Live a Greener Lifestyle

Chalk it up to getting older and feeling more of a responsibility to this earth we call my home, but my conscious knew it was time to start changing the way I lived. My endocrine (hormonal) issues with my Hashimoto's were the other major catalysts that made me spring to action to be a more conscious consumer and to clean up my lifestyle. But previously? I had eschewed all the ways to reduce my carbon footprint that I had then deemed too "extreme" and impractical to adopt into my life.

When I look back at all the swaps and practices I've adopted over the past few years, I'm proud at my efforts but I continually realize more changes I can and want make moving forward. For the person just starting out, I know this entire list can seem intimidating, but it's really just about starting. It doesn't matter how small, just begin-- and once those become a naturally effortless part of your routine you don't think twice about, think about the next change you can make.

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How to Make the Perfect Pourover Coffee

You guys know I love me my coffee. There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and then coffee in the making. I'm non-discriminatory when it comes to my coffee too-- I appreciate a classic drip, french press, espresso, cappuccinos, and pourovers. They all have different characteristics! I used to primarily do french press at home in my old apartment because I had zero counter space to keep a grinder or other equipment, but when I moved into my new place, my housewarming gift to myself was a full pourover set and it quickly became my favorite way to brew at home. I've instagrammed this so often on Stories, and I've gotten enough messages asking how to do a proper pourover that I thought it was time to do a formal blog post!

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All about Menstrual and Reproductive Hormonal Health

I'm sure my mother is going to be a little shocked somewhere because I'm about to say the word "period" and "menstrual" and "uterus / vagina" about a million times in this blog post, but that's exactly the point. To little fault of her own, but rather the societal culture around us (particularly in our generation), women's reproductive health and menstrual cycles were never something to be talked about openly without some sense of shame and an "ew gross" attitude around it. Because of these stigmas, I felt the same way and I failed to understand my cycle, my hormones, and my reproductive health in a real way until my mid-twenties.

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Collagen Fat Balls Two Ways: Cinnamon Pecan Chia + Sesame Tahini Walnut

So fat balls are all the rage lately. They are definitely an awesome way to pack in the nutrients with multiple sources of superfoods in a delicious bite-sized snack. So, I made these for my mom for that exact reason!

I wasn't sure which flavors she would like, so I came up with two varieties. Thankfully, she loved both! The Cinnamon Pecan Chia with Maca smelled like a cinnamon bun and tasted like snickerdoodle cookie dough, then the Sesame Tahini Walnut tasted like halva + cookie dough simultaneously! The method to make them is the same, but I've included both variations below.

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Golden Fuel Tarts

I connected with Rezel because she had ordered some Golden Fuel, but little did I know at the time how talented of a recipe developer and food photographer she is! Her blog is full of innovative recipes that are not actually hard to make for how beautiful and "fancy" they may seem from the beautiful photos.

Then she made these stunning Golden Fuel Tarts that just floored us. Not only are they just beautiful to begin with, but these tarts use coconut cream and healthy nuts to make them gluten-free, dairy-free, and NO BAKE...

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Golden Fuel Crepes with Simple Mills

Can I be honest for a second here? Since launching, I had really wanted to make Golden Crepes with Live 24k's Golden Fuel (a turmeric + collagen blend) because my Matcha Oat Crepes recipe is one of my most pinned recipes on Pinterest; but the day I was trying to make them, I was having a really off day in the kitchen and the crepes were turning into a crumbly mess of too thick or too thin and brittle golden failures.

So I got a little scared off of them. But when I teamed up with Simple Mills (an amazing food company that shares Live 24k's values of food without fillers) to bring you guys an easy but 💣.com healthy recipe, I was dying to try their most popular Pancake & Waffle baking mix to give these gluten-free, dairy-free Golden Fuel Crepes a go again...

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New Year, Same Amazing You

I always love the concept of taking stock of the progressions that have happened in a given period of time in order to appreciate and remind myself of the bigger picture, but I didn't think I wanted to write a 2017 recap post until yesterday. I did little recaps the past two years (2016, 2015), but this year I want to do a little bit of a different recap than just taking this past year into stock. I want to remind you that it is a New Year, yes, but you are the same amazing you you've been in all the years past-- and that is the same person entering 2018.

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Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookie Sandwiches with Cranberry Chia Jam: Cookie Swap

Baking was my first love in the kitchen. Long before I started to learn how to cook, I was using a hand mixer and learning my way through over-beating cookie dough, making cakes, and generally getting covered in flour and butter.

Then Hashimoto's happened. And while I initially tried making my own gluten-free flour to continue baking, I just found it too labor intensive and I started viewing baking as too tedious to indulge in, time-wise. So that hand mixer of mine got relegated to collecting a bit of dust, especially given how crazy things have been lately.

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Settling my Mom into Brooklyn

You guys all know how insistent I am on proper sleep and my nightly rituals. I first became a spoiled little child with my favorite silk pillowcase and linen sheets, and then I fell in love with these Pangea Bed copper-infused pillows a few months ago for their support, breathability, and anti-bacterial / anti-microbial properties (hormonal acne will make a girl get OCD about anything dirty touching her face!). So when I started looking into mattresses for my mom, the first place I looked was Pangea Bed, as I knew they had a copper-infused mattress as well--

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Thank-Full: The Skill of Gratitude

This is not just a post about paying gratitude and wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving-- while I will do that here as well, the series of events that happened over the past 36 hours made me think about gratitude in a deeper way. 

The word, "gratitude," is thrown around so often nowadays in this age during which people are realizing more and more how integral our mental health + mindset is to our quality of life. But the concept of what it means to live with gratitude and having an active practice of gratitude tends to get a little muddled up along the way. And sometimes the way we describe it can feel...

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Holiday Spice 'Sweet n' Spicy' Blender Muffins

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to kick off the season of giving with my feedfeed family with a community Thanksgiving meal with Vitamix in the gorgeous new feedfeed space in Brooklyn and the launch of the Vitamix Explorian Series. Each of us editors were tasked with whipping up a festive recipe, using Vitamix's Winter Spice Seasoning recipe that just screams the holidays with its dizzingly delicious festive scent and flavors full of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pink peppercorns, orange peel, and more. There's nothing I love more than utilizing my Vitamix to simplify traditionally laborious recipes, so I decided to make an easy and healthy blender holiday spice muffin that has some sweet and some spice!

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